Www iberdrola es facturas

Www iberdrola es facturas

Endesa customers

Iberdrola’s electronic bill is a digital document with the same validity and the same data as a paper bill. This service is completely free for customers and allows them to contribute to the environment.
Next, a new page will open in which we will enter the card data to proceed with the payment of the bill. Once the process is completed, Iberdrola will confirm by email that the payment has been successfully completed.
Iberdrola also has an online form to register for this service. To do so, you must enter the “Online Procedures” option and then select “Subscription to Electronic Billing”.
It is also possible to activate the electronic bill by calling Iberdrola’s toll-free telephone number: 900 225 235. To complete the process you will need to have a bill at hand and provide the required data.


All users who contract electricity or natural gas with Iberdrola can manage all kinds of procedures quickly and easily by accessing the Iberdrola Customers platform. Find out what operations you can carry out, how to register and how to download your electronic bill.
All consumers who contract an electricity or natural gas tariff with Iberdrola have access to the “My Client Area” platform, a virtual office from which you can check your consumption, download your bills or modify your contract details, all free of charge.
Through this App, Iberdrola customers will be able to enjoy all the functionalities included in the web version of the platform, with the great advantage of being able to access their private area at any time and place.
Through Iberdrola Clientes, Iberdrola’s customers can carry out any procedure related to their contracts, billing or consumption. Some of the procedures that can be carried out by accessing “My Client Area” are:

Pay bills online

Why have I received so many bills since June? Due to the entry into force of the new electricity tariffs and the subsequent reduction of VAT, the electricity companies are billing electricity in shorter periods per month, trying to adapt to all the changes in the regulations. For this reason, you may have received more bills than usual.
However, users who prefer to do so could receive their bill every month even if they received estimated bills. This is because with the analog meter, readings were taken every two months.
If you have contracted the One Luz tariff, you can choose whether you want to pay your electricity bill every month or every two months. You can change how often you receive your electricity bill by requesting it through the Endesa customer area.
On the other hand, the Tempo Happy tariff offers both options, electronic bill and paper bill. With paper bill, the bill comes every two months. With electronic billing, you can choose whether you want a monthly or bimonthly bill.

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Understanding an electricity or natural gas bill can be a complex task if you are not familiar with the variety of items that make it up. Below, we explain point by point the items and taxes included in your electricity or natural gas bills with Iberdrola to help you understand how the total price to be paid is calculated.
To obtain the 10% VAT reduction you must have a contracted power of less than 10 kW and that the average price of electricity in the market is higher than 45 €/MWh. This measure will be applied until March 2022.
The contracted power will limit the number of electrical appliances and equipment that can be connected simultaneously. The higher the contracted power, the greater the capacity of your installation to connect different electrical appliances at the same time, but it will also increase the cost.
In addition, Iberdrola will detail on your bill how much electricity you have consumed during peak hours, flat hours and off-peak hours, regardless of whether you have contracted a 24-hour fixed price or hourly discrimination.