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This device is not automatic. Securitas Direct has decided that ZeroVision will be triggered manually. That is, it will trigger when the operator has verified that it is a real intrusion. In my opinion, I see this as a delay. I know your intention is to avoid false alarms, but response times add up, and that’s time gained by a thief. If we know that he has to: trigger the alarm, get the images to the control panel, have them verified by the CRA while calling the customer, have the customer answer, verify the intrusion, proceed to the jump order… all this is time. How long can it be, at best one minute? I’ve seen faster break-ins.
“Once the fog is triggered, it will remain floating in the environment preventing visibility for hours, securing the area until the police arrive,” says the Securitas Direct product representative.

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Therefore, thanks to the new ZeroVision alarm, the alarm company is able to act in situ to prevent theft in case of a verified intrusion situation in your home or business. In fact, if they verify that an intruder has indeed entered your home or business, the alarm is activated immediately generating an environment of zero visibility (zero vision) in the room protected by the alarm. This prevents the thief from seeing the burglar in your home or business until the police arrive.
The speed of action is key in any attempted burglary or intrusion in homes and commercial premises. The Zero Vision alarm is capable of generating a situation of zero visibility, launching a dense smoke that covers the entire protected room in a matter of seconds.
In other words, what it does is to “act proactively, immediately and remotely in the event of a verified intrusion”. This is achieved because the new alarm (called ZeroVision) prevents the burglar from seeing by expelling a dense and annoying fog, forcing him to leave the property immediately.

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When, despite the deterrent elements (such as the signs that warn that the building is protected by the ZeroVision alarm) the thief decides to enter to steal, the shocksensor and photovolumetric devices of the alarm send a warning to our Central (even if there is an attempt to disarm the alarm we can know thanks to the detection of inhibitors that includes the system).    Upon receiving this warning from the central station, a specialist immediately activates ZeroVision, thus expelling the anti-theft smoke from the alarm.  A zero-visibility situation then arises in which, inevitably, the burglar sees nothing and has to leave the building because the security forces have already been alerted and are on their way.

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Securitas Direct security systems are composed of a series of basic components and a multitude of accessories that can be attached, thus increasing the level of security, especially in certain areas or rooms that are particularly vulnerable or sensitive.
Securitas Direct Basic Home Alarm PackFrom £33 PER MONTHINSTALLATIONFrom £89*PERMANENCE24 MONTHSDETECTORS: Video, motion and magneticINSTALLATION TIME: 24 hoursEQUIPMENT PRICE: Included See more details
Remember that the final price may vary depending on the characteristics of the property to be protected. If you want more information you can check the final price in the following article:
Securitas Direct alarms are connected to a central alarm receiving station continuously and directly and have a periodic maintenance of the alarm system by a security expert.
When contracting an alarm from Securitas Direct you can get an alarm kit specially designed to protect a house or a business, but you can also add other components to any of them.