Monobloc 300

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Don’t jump into the pool without reading this. If you want to know everything in this review you will have it all: consumption, filter flow, how much sand you need and much more. Do not stay with the doubt and discover why it is one of the best sand purifiers of 2021.
It is made of injected polypropylene material with capacity for 19 kg of silica sand with granulometry recommended by the manufacturer from 0.4 to 0.8 mm. In addition, it is also compatible with glass if you prefer, in which case you will need 15% less quantity (16.1 kg).
An interesting feature of the monobloc 300 is that it includes a practical 4-way multidirectional selector valve with which you can, in addition to filtering the water, wash the sand and even use the pump to empty the pool.
It is a compact filtering machine with a good filtration flow rate of up to 4,000 l/h thanks to its 0.25 HP, which makes it ideal for both removable, inflatable or construction pools of up to 32,000 liters.

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:Preparation of the installation:Place the monoblock on a firm, flat, horizontal surface and at an appropriate height from the ground to prevent flooding in case of water leakage or rain; in a protected place, with good access and good ventilation.Install it in the vicinity of the pool: by regulation the electric motor must be at least 3.5 m from the edge of the pool. It is not recommended to place it at a greater distance. Never above the level of the pool water level.Motor connection:The motor must be connected in accordance with the Low Voltage Electrical Regulations and the electrical installation must be in accordance with the power consumed by the pump. The motor nameplate indicates the current consumed by the pump in Amperes. Make sure that the electrical installation has grounding and differential protection in good condition.