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In this list of products you can see the different models of solar panels that Bricomart has available in its catalog, in addition to all types of photovoltaic panels, thermal, solar kits, batteries, etc.. Meet all the most efficient products in solar energy.
Bricomart is a French multinational that specializes in the retail sale of construction and renovation items, as well as technical equipment for homes and premises. This is where the protagonist of the day comes in, the photovoltaic solar panels.
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These are recognized manufacturers, they are not remarked products. Sale of solar kit bricomart for energy production, you will find the technical particularities of the solar panel on this website, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
bricomart solar kit are also known as solar panels, solar modules or photovoltaic panels are composed of solar cells capable of generating electricity from solar radiation incident on them.
The 12v solar batteries do not hold 12 volts permanently, depending on the state of charge of the battery, this voltage will change from 12V when the battery is at 0 percent charge and 1.,4V in the absorption phase to reach one hundred percent charge.
Battery voltages below 12V mean high depth discharges that shorten the life of the batteries. This is why solar inverters stop when they notice that the battery voltage drops below twelve volts to protect the solar battery. Once we know that a 12V solar battery needs to reach 1.4V to be charged to one hundred percent, it is simple to understand that the solar panels in charge of charging the 12V battery must be able to raise the battery voltage to 1.4V.

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