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Naturgy stands out for having a wide variety of electricity and gas tariffs and maintenance services. It currently has one of the most competitive offers in the market, thanks to its EcoEasy tariffs. In addition, it offers the Bono Social through its regulated supplier Gas & Power.
In this way, the former Gas Natural Fenosa, chaired by Francisco Reynés Massanet, seeks to clearly differentiate each of its businesses and place them all under the same umbrella brand, in this case Naturgy.
One of the easiest ways to contact the former Gas Natural Fenosa is by telephone. Below is a list of the different Naturgy toll free numbers.
Naturgy, formerly Gas Natural Fenosa, operates both in the regulated market where prices are regulated by the Government, and in the free market for electricity and natural gas, where it is free to set the prices it wishes. In this way we can differentiate the following marketers:

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Customers do not have the possibility to choose the distributor in charge of supplying electricity to their home or premises, as these are assigned by the Government by geographical area.
In our country, the CUPS begins with ‘ES’ and the first four digits determine which distributor is in charge of supplying electricity to the property. If the customer has a CUPS beginning with ES0022, the electricity distributor will be Unión Fenosa Distribución.
The customer who wishes to contract the electricity supply in his home or premises must contact the Gas Natural Fenosa distributor, once the space has the relevant electrical installation.
The price of registering electricity with Unión Fenosa Distribución is determined by the electrical power contracted by the customer and the time that the electrical supply has been out of service.
The user who is registering for electricity in his or her home in Galicia, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, the Community of Madrid or Barcelona must request Unión Fenosa Distribución to install an electricity connection if the property does not have the necessary electrical installation to have an electricity supply.

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For those files with a power higher than XX kW it is mandatory to present a guarantee for an amount of 40€/kW. Remember that it is also necessary to present us the document that proves that you have presented the receipt to the competent body to grant the administrative authorization. The amount of the guarantee must cover the requested power.

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Naturgy, ex-Gas Natural Fenosa has two main categories of tariffs that are divided into free and regulated market. In the first case there are several types of tariffs in the catalog of Gas Natural Fenosa, with prices proposed by Naturgy and in the second case the official price is respected by law for both electricity and gas, as explained here and we detail below the different options in the catalog of tariffs:
Naturgy’s free market customers have the possibility of contracting various types of repair and maintenance services with Gas Natural Fenosa, whose conditions can be consulted on the official website or by contacting customer service.
The Gas Natural Fenosa social bonus is a discount on the electricity bill if you contract the PVPC with the regulated supplier of the Naturgy Group (ex-Gas Natural Fenosa).    This discount allows families that meet the requirements and apply for it to benefit from this aid that will make it easier to pay the electricity costs. In order to apply for it you must call the free telephone 900 100 283 and send the relevant documentation by e-mail ([email protected]), by post (Comercializadora Regulada – Bono Social, Apartado nº 61084 – 28080 Madrid) or by fax (93 463 09 06).