Batería agm 12v 115ah ultracell uc11512

Batería agm 12v 115ah ultracell uc11512

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The battery arrived in two days, I installed it and so far everything is going well, although it has only four months of use, I hope it lasts long, anyway it has warranty. I have bought other products and all very well.
There was a failure when communicating the shipping date, I contacted them and they solved the problem, very nice and resolute by phone, the next day I had the battery at home, a 10, it’s nice to buy in stores so that the treatment is close and friendly.
The battery fulfills its mission perfectly, I have it installed in a van, and with it I feed the interior lights and several outlets and has never left me stranded, although I have only been with her for a month … good buy.
I am interested in a battery similar to this one to replace an Ultracell AGM 12V 85Ah in a van. The original battery has screw terminals and I see that in this one the terminals are different. What options would I have? Would it be very complicated to change the installation to adapt it to these terminals?


Very reasonably priced and performing well so far! The 180w 12v panel keeps our battery well topped up for charging the laptop daily, plus charging power tool batteries, tablet, mobile phones etc. Plenty of power left for running lights overnight too.
For me it has been very important all the information that this company offers about their products and in general about this type of energy…. Very satisfied with the product, the quality of the service, shipping and delivery, thank you.
I have this battery, purchased here, installed in a VW van as a secondary battery. The recharge sources are a 150W ECO flexible solar panel with 10A regulator installed, and connection for external 230V with Charger 2, 8 or 16 A intelligent for GEL, AGM or Acid batteries. It is not interconnected to the alternator and starter battery of the vehicle.
The maximum charge intensity recommended for batteries is 20% of the battery capacity, so you can choose either 8A or 16A depending on the charge rate you need at that moment.

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Batería Victron 12V/115Ah AGM de ciclo profundo para telecomunicaciones (M8) Diseñada para aplicaciones de telecomunicaciones; excelentes “ahorradores de espacio en el suelo” para aplicaciones marinas y de vehículosLa serie AGM de ciclo profundo para telecomunicaciones ha sido diseñada para su uso en sistemas de telecomunicaciones. Gracias a sus terminales de acceso frontal y a su reducido tamaño, las baterías son ideales para los sistemas en rack. Del mismo modo, estas baterías pueden ayudar a resolver los problemas de espacio y acceso limitados a bordo de barcos y vehículos.    Tecnología AGM Las siglas AGM significan Absorbent Glass Mat. En estas baterías, el electrolito se absorbe en una estera de fibra de vidrio entre las placas por acción capilar.    Baja autodescarga Gracias al uso de rejillas de plomo-calcio y materiales de alta pureza, las baterías VRLA de Victron pueden almacenarse durante largos períodos de tiempo sin necesidad de recargarlas. La tasa de autodescarga es inferior al 2% por mes a 20°C. La autodescarga se duplica por cada aumento de temperatura de 10°C.    Baja resistencia interna Acepta tasas de carga y descarga muy elevadas.    Alta capacidad de vida cíclica Más de 500 ciclos a una profundidad de descarga del 50%. Dimensiones (lxwxh, mm) – 395 x 110 x 293Peso – 35kgMás información:

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The Ultracell UC-115-12 AGM 12V 115Ah AGM battery is a deep cycle 12V voltage AGM battery. It is AGM, thanks to its manufacturing technology, much newer than open lead-acid traditions, it is also deep cycle because it allows better than conventional batteries deep discharges. The battery has the standardized voltage measurement, 12V, and internally it has 6 cells in series that provide 2V of voltage each one. We advise you not to frequently exceed 50% discharge if we want to preserve its life cycles. Some more interesting features are:
The AGM Battery 12V 115Ah Ultracell UC-115-12 has no danger of liquid spillage or gas emissions, thanks to its AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) which is compared to other more conventional batteries. Its quality-price ratio is very high, since it is manufactured by one of the best brands in the market, Ultracell, with the best quality.