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Indiba technology boosts blood circulation by means of hyperthermia, which achieves nutrition and cell revitalization. It works with a frequency of 448 kHz, which, together with cellular acceleration, achieves a faster healing of tissues, as well as combating pain and achieving a greater sense of wellbeing.
The clear benefits obtained after a relaxing massage are such as complete relaxation, elimination of muscular pain, strengthening of circulation and elimination of toxins and dead cells. In addition, it improves the nervous system, reduces fatigue, increases defenses and creates a great feeling of general well-being.

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We work every day with the objective of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients and that they leave totally satisfied with the service provided. Therefore, our main differentiating element is that we are committed to direct and personalized treatment with the customer, adapting completely to all your needs.
Taking care of your hands and feet so that they look beautiful and in perfect condition is very important because with our hands we do a lot of daily activities and our feet are responsible for supporting the weight of our body.
We want you to take care of yourself and feel good about yourself. Therefore, we will go to the place you indicate us to make your experience as pleasant as possible and without leaving your home.

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We work every day with the aim that each of the clients who visit us leave completely satisfied with the services provided and, therefore, in our center we work with top quality products and enamels and the most prestigious leading brands in the market.
If you have any questions about the services we offer or want to make an appointment for manicure and / or pedicure in Arteixo, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of our team of professionals, we will be happy to assist you, help and advise you in everything you need. We are waiting for you.

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In their Instagram account you can book directly the service you want to do, the day, the time that best suits you, they even advance you the final price thanks to the Booksy platform. The best thing is that the prices are quite affordable, what are you waiting for?
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