Aerotermia productos y precios

Aerotermia productos y precios

Fancoil aerothermal

Today we already know that we do not need to burn anything to heat ourselves: the ambient temperature, even at 20°C below zero, is used by the aerothermal installation through a refrigeration circuit with compressed gas at much lower temperatures, to provide heating and hot water for showers, for our radiators, underfloor heating or for ducted air conditioning.
Our installation boosts the yields up to 8 kW of heat for each kW of electrical energy consumed. Its enormous advantage is that it allows us to save individually more than 70% in our energy expenditure on heating or hot water. Aerothermal energy helps to decarbonize the planet and, in addition, it is the cheapest heating. The price of being in solidarity with the world also means saving in our homes.
– Energy Class A+++- Energy efficiency: SCOP 4,53- Electricity consumption: only 22% of the energy supplied- Recommended for approx. 70 m2- 4,0 kW Heating- 4,0 kW Cooling- Multifunction air-water heat pump


Aerothermal systems use the energy contained in the air to heat or cool interior spaces and produce domestic hot water (DHW), achieving maximum energy savings. You can opt for the T.Flow® system, which uses air extraction through the controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) system to produce DHW, or the T.One®/T.One® AquaAIR system for heating, cooling and DHW by aerothermal energy with a dual or triple service air-air heat pump.

Solar panels

Our aerothermal heat pump systems make it possible to use the calories present in the air to cover the heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs of the whole family. This solution ensures that the air is diffused evenly and silently throughout the house.
Aerothermal energy consists of harnessing the energy in the air to transform it into heat to provide heating and domestic hot water in the home. In the case of air conditioning, the heat exchange works in reverse: the calories present in the house are expelled to the outside.
Like geothermal energy, this technology uses the earth’s natural heat and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the production of domestic hot water, a thermodynamic heater must be installed and, in the case of heating or cooling, a heat pump.

Vaillant aerothermics

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I met this company and I have received an excellent treatment, they are serious, formal and competitive, I recommend them without doubts. Honorable mention for Angela, she is the attention made person, I am lucky to have met them.
The stove is what it looks like in the photos and works perfectly, it’s nice to turn it on and enjoy the heat while it’s cold outside, the service has been very good, and the delivery time was what I was told.
Start saving by installing aerotermia. Aerothermal systems Eurofred, Ariston, Thermor. Find aerotermia lowest price.  The most efficient production of domestic hot water with aerothermal DHW heat pumps. We have the best split and monobloc aerothermal equipment. With the installation of aerotermia you can save up to 70% compared to other heating systems.